Posted: September 6, 2012 in Dream Time Movie

Catching A Dream…






After 18 days straight of working from can’t see in the morning till can’t see at night, hotter than hell Texas sun and enough challenges to make a glass eye cry, the last martini shot’s in the can. It’s official folks – The Dream Time shoot is a wrap!

Stories? We could write a book. And while we’re all a few pounds lighter, we’re actually feeling ecstatic, we’ve got a movie on our hands! Boy wonder Cinematographer Andrew Tilley and Lighting wizard Taylor Washington and team genuinely pulled out all the stops to create stunningly beautiful images frame for frame.

But what’s a movie without more than a few jaw dropping performances from our ensemble cast led by – Lana Marie, Ghislaine Mahone, Gadi Gaster, Rita Jhaveri, Letticia Rodriguez, Mark Hernandez, Alejandro Rodriguez, Katherine Purnell and the ever awesome Pura Fe.

Of course it’s not over. We’ve got about 3+ months of post production (editing the picture, SFX, color grading and audio ahead. But you know what we can hardly wait!

 Stay tuned and join the Community!


It’s no secret. Maganthrie and I are big fans of the New Thought , Ageless Wisdom space. But like they say, be careful what you wish for…because it’s on it’s way. Big time. We’re really coming to terms with this most basic of truths on our latest adventure called – Dream Time.

Dream Time is our first US feature film and a project that represents the coming together of years of meditation on the state of the world, ancestry, identity, spirituality and where all of this might be leading us.

When it became clear that we could not escape the magnetic pull of this project, we began formulating a plan to get it made. One thing was patently clear very quickly. Being thousands of miles from our home turf at the tip of Africa, we would not be able to rely on most of our tried and proven resources in terms of collaborators, money and…money.

What could we pull out of our hats to leverage Dream Time? No problem, we’ve been students of New Thought for donkey’s years, we’ve thought about and been threatening to do something on the metaphysics of film making for at least the last 5 years. Right! We’ll do Dream Time live and direct from the Vortex.

No, the Vortex isn’t a new app, film fund or a hot new club. The Vortex is not a place it’s a state of awareness or actually a vibrational state where one is in touch with the inner being of one’s real self. In other words, getting cozy with that part of self responsible for every good thing that is. Making sense? No worries it will.

Just imagine that everything begins as a vibrational impulse, thoughts, the screen you’re reading this on, the big bang, everything. The Vortex is the clearing house that records, documents and stores vibrational impulses for everything we want until they’re ripe enough to launch into the physical world.

The Vortex works hand in glove with something called the Law of Attraction, which is like a super efficient logistics manager, that sorts through all the stuff we want, pulls the strings behind the scenes so that people, circumstances and resources converge just in time to deliver the goods based on our dominant thoughts and feelings. The flip side of course, is that the Law of Attraction always comes through the good, the bad and all points in between – no exceptions.

What’s this got to do with making a movie? In the case of Dream Time everything, because it’s all we’ve got. Can you really harness the millions of details, people, logistics and cash it takes to make a movie, even a low budget wonder like Dream Time ? All we can say at this point is that we’re on the roller coaster ride of our lives and it feels utterly brilliant! Stay tuned…

The world cup’s on and we’re not there! Everyone we know and their brothers are spinning out of control and into unknown orbits thanks to the biggest game on the planet now live and direct from the tip of Africa.

The excitement is palpable, South Africa has performed beyond almost anyone’s expectations even Bafana Bafana (our national team) Tying Mexico and whipping France in the process. Viva South Africa Viva!

But my attentions are turning to what happens in the aftermath of the games. With billions invested in infrastructure ie, telecoms, roads etc, we may well be entering a new era of access for people like us. Will fast broadband access become affordable at a level that allows us to surf, connect and use the net as a real business tool to get our content out to the rest of the world?

Will our national broadcaster having invested massively to convert signals to meet and exceed all FIFA technical requirements for  full HD digital transmission at a blinding 9 gig a second data rate, now leverage that capacity to  create an array of new channel options? Will they happily come to the party with indie content creators to form partnerships and platforms reflective of the growing demands of audiences for moving images that look, feel and sound like them?

Most critically, will the world cup bring South Africans of every stripe an opportunity to digitally unleash their unique gifts and talents on line? I’m betting that, after being exposed to a nation of people only too willing and ready to help folks  learn the wonders of the vuvuzela or discover pap and braai in Soweto. Eat their fill of bunny chows and the best curry in the world in Durban or learn to laugh out loud, I mean really loud -the first time. The rest of the world will want to stay connected.