Masala – Blended Mixed Hybrid Global…

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

The world cup’s on and we’re not there! Everyone we know and their brothers are spinning out of control and into unknown orbits thanks to the biggest game on the planet now live and direct from the tip of Africa.

The excitement is palpable, South Africa has performed beyond almost anyone’s expectations even Bafana Bafana (our national team) Tying Mexico and whipping France in the process. Viva South Africa Viva!

But my attentions are turning to what happens in the aftermath of the games. With billions invested in infrastructure ie, telecoms, roads etc, we may well be entering a new era of access for people like us. Will fast broadband access become affordable at a level that allows us to surf, connect and use the net as a real business tool to get our content out to the rest of the world?

Will our national broadcaster having invested massively to convert signals to meet and exceed all FIFA technical requirements for  full HD digital transmission at a blinding 9 gig a second data rate, now leverage that capacity to  create an array of new channel options? Will they happily come to the party with indie content creators to form partnerships and platforms reflective of the growing demands of audiences for moving images that look, feel and sound like them?

Most critically, will the world cup bring South Africans of every stripe an opportunity to digitally unleash their unique gifts and talents on line? I’m betting that, after being exposed to a nation of people only too willing and ready to help folks  learn the wonders of the vuvuzela or discover pap and braai in Soweto. Eat their fill of bunny chows and the best curry in the world in Durban or learn to laugh out loud, I mean really loud -the first time. The rest of the world will want to stay connected.


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