Posted: September 6, 2012 in Dream Time Movie

Catching A Dream…






After 18 days straight of working from can’t see in the morning till can’t see at night, hotter than hell Texas sun and enough challenges to make a glass eye cry, the last martini shot’s in the can. It’s official folks – The Dream Time shoot is a wrap!

Stories? We could write a book. And while we’re all a few pounds lighter, we’re actually feeling ecstatic, we’ve got a movie on our hands! Boy wonder Cinematographer Andrew Tilley and Lighting wizard Taylor Washington and team genuinely pulled out all the stops to create stunningly beautiful images frame for frame.

But what’s a movie without more than a few jaw dropping performances from our ensemble cast led by – Lana Marie, Ghislaine Mahone, Gadi Gaster, Rita Jhaveri, Letticia Rodriguez, Mark Hernandez, Alejandro Rodriguez, Katherine Purnell and the ever awesome Pura Fe.

Of course it’s not over. We’ve got about 3+ months of post production (editing the picture, SFX, color grading and audio ahead. But you know what we can hardly wait!

 Stay tuned and join the Community!


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