About Us

Masala film Works is the tag team duo – Maganthrie Pillay & Dingi Ntuli.

The couple have survived and flourished thanks to an army of folks who have come,  gone and come back again. The unceasing prayers of folks who love and care about them not to mentioned a fiercesome amount of sticktoitregardless-ness.

They entered the fray as indie film makers, activist and change agents 34 degrees south of the equator in Cape Town South Africa, back in 1996.

After all these years they are as inquisitive, excited and committed to story telling through moving images and sound as from the get-go. Together they have written produced and distributed over 40 projects for the screens of all sizes including their first feature film together – 34 South which gave them the distinction of producing and independently distributing South Africa’s first feature film made by a Black woman in the country’s 100+ year history of cinema.

Masala by definition is a hybrid blend of mixes, textures and traditions that make curry and anything else interesting. Masala film works is all about discovery of the essential masala that animates the lives of people they have been so outrageously blessed to observe, engage with and tell stories with and about.

At the end of the day Maganthrie and Dingi believe they have been compelled to do what they do, as part of the shamanic healing tradition that all story telling comes from.

An increasingly larger part of their focus these days seems to be merging and morphing many of their traditional interest around the politics of gender, race and identity into new stories of the earth, our place on it, and how we want (if we want to) to stay here. Themes around climate change, alternative energy and resources are joining the masala in new works that find Maganthrie and Dingi stretching across borders and continents such as – Land of Plenty, their current feature project they will shoot in the USA later this year.

This site is a long time coming and we sincerely hope it becomes a platform for discovery, connecting and sharing


More Company Stuff:

Maganthrie Pillay and Dingi Ntuli, have  served as founding members of The Black Film & Video Makers Association, as well as consultants to the Department of Communications, The National Film & Video Foundation and the Los Angeles Trade & Industry Mission to South Africa.

Maganthrie served as line producer and director on 2 seasons of Africa’s first “social reality” television series – Imagine Afrika.

Dingi has also been heavily involved in building new marketing and distribution models for independent filmmakers as distribution manager for Masala’s distribution arm Digital Africa which has been responsible for the marketing and theatrical release of feature films – 34 South and the breakout South African hit comedy – I Wish. These films collectively played in cinemas across South Africa for more than 9 months.

Dingi and Maganthrie are passionate and outspoken activist in their work as change agents in the transformation of the television film sector. They are both regular guest speakers and panelist at international conferences, university campuses in acknowledgment of their work to formulate new policies and practices around access and diversity for historically marginalized people within the production and distribution industry.

  1. […] Maganthrie Pillay: Maganthrie is an established filmmaker and poet.  She is a Director of Masala Film Works, and has directed over 40 television/film projects.  She is a co-founder of Filmnet Nation. https://masalafilmworks.wordpress.com/about/ […]

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