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34 South

A wickedly funny slice of …Youth, Identity and Race in the Ever-New South Africa

34 South, is decidedly New South African. It’s a semi road, semi coming of age movie. Race sex, ballroom dancing and our obsession with English football inform this wicked exploration of the ever- new South Africa.                                                           

Frank’s P.O.V.

My story is dead simple really. You can sum it up like this: if you’re white, outta sight, if you’re yellow mellow, if you’re brown stick around, but if you’re black – get back! Over and out!

Right, my name is Frank September, I was born in Africa, but I’m no African. I’m not Black either -I might look it, but I’m not. I mean nobody around here is. You see I’m from Bishop Lavis as in the Cape Flats, home of the dispossessed, disenfranchised, disaffected and just plain dissed. In other words: We’re Coloured! I’m not going to go into the why of how we got that way, cause as the old people say: it could make a glass eye cry.

Me and my friends want out. Our first move – Johannesburg. We reckon it should be our kinda town. Everybody knows that Jo’burg owns money’s mama. Jozie, A place where the streets glitter with gold and nothing that might hold you back in Cape Town, like having too deep a tan – matters!

Just when we ought to be rocking our way to Jo’burg we get lost and turned out, ending up on the far side of nowhere. We think. We ended up in a place called Elim, you do know about Elim don’t you? No worries, like most South Africans we never heard of it either!

Elim forces us to come face to face with a picture of ourselves we never dreamed of. History can be a bitch and her name is The Truth.

Director: Maganthrie Pillay Producer: Dingi Ntuli DoP: Keith Shirlaw Format: DVD Running Time: 106 min.

Hidden Heritage – Slavery in South Africa at The Slave Lodge

This film is now on permanent exhibition at the Iziko Museum -Slave lodge in Cape town South Africa, and has been seen by thousands of South Africans and visitors seek to learn more about the hidden history of more the two centuries of slavery at the Cape. Hidden Heritage, is not just a historic document, but an equally evocative piece, that combines the use of never before seen archival footage and and dramatic recreations to reveal this painful period of South African history.

The Slave Lodge, bears witness as one of the few locations on the African continent that imported slaves, from West Africa, East Africa, India, Java, Malaysia and China. Hidden Heritage, also unveils archaeological artifacts of the lives of the people captive held at the lodge for over 150 years

Director: Maganthrie Pillay Producer: Dingi Ntuli DoP: Keith Shirlaw Format: DVD PAL/NTSC Duration: 26 min.

I Live Here!

Documentary, Drama and Animation combined in 28 minutes. A poignant and insightful glimpse into the lives of refugee children, told from their own uniquely personal perspectives. Drawn from high schools across Durban, their’s are the stories of extraordinary courage across some of the most war ravaged countries in the world. Their lives are living testimony to the resilience of the human spirit in the face near insurmountable odds as they found themselves forced to walk on foot through several countries loosing family and friends along the way.

What fueled these children’s dreams? The promise of a better life in Nelson Mandela’s country, only to find a themselves outsiders. Ironically, only shortly after the making this film, many of the children featured in the film found themselves on the sharp end of the worse xenophobic attacks in South African history. Family members were left dead and wounded with scores of children forced into a new round of displacement as thousands refugees were violently forced out of their homes and into makeshift camps, in some cases even worse than the ones they had left behind in other parts of war ravaged Africa.

Director: Maganthrie Pillay Producer: Dingi Ntuli DoP: Kanyiso Mabuja

Format: DVD PAL Duration: 28 min.

New Thought… Ancient Wisdom

With over 200,000 Traditional African Healers in practice across South Africa, the scope and scale of their contributions towards the creation of a new integrated primary health care system and HIV and AIDS prevention is immense.

Nowhere is this potential greater than in the Healers work in shifting behaviors around HIV and AIDS prevention.

Contemporary Traditional African Healers, represent a body of healing knowledge that spans millennia sparking new interest in holistic approaches to health and wellbeing among western doctors, pharmaceutical companies and researchers worldwide.

New Thought… Ancient Wisdom, looks at the history of African Traditional Medicine, against the backdrop of the disruptive forces of colonialism, apartheid and religious bias through the lens of some of the healers themselves, working in diverse communities across Kwa Zulu Natal.

The programme also highlights the ground breaking collaboration, initiated by the Nelson Mandela Medical School, the Traditional African Healers Association, The eThekweni Health Department and the Kwa Zulu Natal Department of Health, to synergize, share and integrate best practices in both African Traditional Medicine and Bio-Medicine that will one day see the emergence of African Traditional Medicine in the forefront as a fully accredited world class practice and knowledge system. Applying new thought and innovation to the wealth of ancient wisdom available to South Africans makes the possibility of an HIV/AIDS free future achievable.

Director: Maganthrie Pillay Producer: Dingi Ntuli DoP: Kanyiso Mabuja Format: DVD PAL/NTSC Duration: 48 min.


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