People It’s Dream Time!

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.
Albert Einstein

Dream Time is a 90 minute transformational feature film. One part adventure, one part thriller, one part  joy ride. At it’s heart is a wickedly funny narrative that pulls no punches, as it interrogates what happens when indigenous wisdom, ethnicity and spirituality intersect in a world on the brink…

The Story

Lina Perez is smart, funny and in possession of a laser sharp sense of irony she uses to protect herself. Lina has played it safe her entire life. Her family, the church and a deep sense of loyalty have kept her on the middle path to her father’s vision of the American dream. Issues of culture, ethnicity and heritage have been carefully hidden behind her obsession to fit in.

Then one day, Lina has a dream that shifts reality on it’s axis. The Grandmother, an ancient Native American woman, informs Lina that she has been called to serve an ancestral vision. What began as a terrifying experience now follows her in her waking hours. Lina fears the worst, she is loosing her mind. She is not alone, people all over the world are wrestling with what appears the onset of a dangerous new form of mass psychosis.

With the help of an outrageous assortment of spirit guides ranging from sweet great grandmothers all the way to Hendrix and more recently Steven Jobs, the dreamers enter a new dimension called Dream Time. But how does one prepare to wake up dreaming spontaneous downloads of gigabytes of information that will change the very nature of the world as they have known it?

As evidence of the dreamers goes viral, they find themselves the targets of big Agri/Pharma businesses who fully recognize the massive threat Dream Time poses to their monopolies, and move to stop the dreamers from releasing their radical open source technologies to the public. But none of this will matter. The dreamers have opened a portal that confirms the ancient wisdom of indigenous people everywhere. Life is a single self correcting organism made up of infinite worlds, connected by dreams as the only currency.

We’re On A Mission

The inspiration for this film comes out of a deep interest in the knowledge traditions of indigenous people around the world. On the one hand, we’ve always felt as if we’re compelled by an ancestral imperative to do work which helps shine light on the lives of people pushed to the margins. This has been true in nearly everything we’ve done in television, documentaries and feature films. In this sense Dream Time is once again the ancestors calling, those we’ve known in South Africa, and kindred spirits we”re encountering here on Turtle Island.

Shortly after arriving in the US, we were fortunate to establish an amazing relationship with some truly awesome women from the Indigenous Women’s Network to extraordinary artist and traditional healer Yvette Mendez, of the Mescalero Apache Nation.

Out of these relationships came a passion to explore some of the uncanny parallels we discovered between contemporary Native Americans and South Africa’s first nation communities.

At the end of the day, Dream Time is our contribution towards building the movement for transformational cinema. Dream Time is also also a very personal meditation on the role we believe ancient wisdom, spirituality and science will play in redefining the future of our world.

 The Time for Transformational Cinema is Now!

Help Us Occupy Our Screens – Help Us Get Dream Time Made on on Screens Everywhere go to: now.

Dream Time Update!

Pura Fe, multi talented artist, activist joins the Dream Time family in a starring role as The Grand Mother.

Pura Fe is winner of the NAMMY (Native American Music )Award and L’Académie Charles Cros Award (France’s Grammy) for Best World Album.



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